Because of their fragility and specificity, pearls must be cared for in a very special way. There are all sorts of ways to care for and maintain pearl jewellery. Pearls are special and are different in nature and origin, but caring for pearl jewelry is not difficult.

The peculiarity of pearls

Pearls are divided into two categories: freshwater cultured pearls and seawater cultured pearls. These two categories of pearls are obtained in different ways, and this is what makes pearls special. Seawater cultured pearls are obtained by inserting an artificial bead into an oyster. A mother-of-pearl is then formed and a round shape is easily obtained. It will thus distinguish itself from the freshwater cultured pearl. Indeed, the latter is obtained from the mantle cut into several squares of flesh grafted into mussels. The mantle thus treated produces mother-of-pearl and determines the growth of the shell. The shape of a freshwater cultured pearl is completely uncertain. The organic structure thus obtained from the pearls makes them sensitive and fragile over time. This is why the care of a pearl jewellery is of utmost importance.

Cleaning pearls

Due to their aquatic environment, pearls tend to dehydrate, dry out or crack when they come into contact with heat and the pollutants of everyday life. Pearls need a lot of water and protein to keep their shine. The maintenance of pearl jewellery is done by regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth to remove possible dirt and stains. Pearl necklaces and bracelets may need to be rinsed completely with water if they have been worn for a long time. Drying them in a cool, dry place will help them to rehydrate properly. Cleaning them once or twice a year with olive oil will preserve the luster of a pearl.

How to protect pearls?

Since pearls are quite particular gems due to their constituents, contact with aggressive agents such as perfume, detergents or other chemical substances should be avoided. In contact with atmospheric agents, pearls can quickly tarnish and lose their shine. In particular, it can be seen that their colour turns green and the orient tarnishes. The maintenance of a pearl jewellery is therefore done by cleaning and storage. Pearl jewellery cannot be stored with other jewellery and should be stored in a box or in a soft cloth. The care of a pearl jewellery is not magic. Indeed, it is enough to store and clean the jewellery carefully. This is necessary to avoid irreparable damage. Cultured pearls, whether freshwater or seawater, are fragile and sensitive to chemical agents. Pearls are very pretty by nature, so to keep and maintain their brilliance and magnificence, it is sufficient to care for and clean them regularly.