Metal Jewellery Guide

Platinum: precious for its rarity and density

Although Platinum is not always the first choice of the general public, it is a more precious and valuable metal than gold. Symbolizing luxury and eternal love (70 years of marriage), Platinum jewellery is very resistant and never tarnishes. Discover…

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What is an alloy? Definition

Since the dawn of time, man has never ceased to want to improve his daily life. For his needs, he has learned to use natural elements such as wood or stone. But from the discovery of metal, specific needs were…

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The health benefits of wearing copper jewellery

In addition to providing an aesthetic effect, copper jewellery has beneficial effects on health. They have significant therapeutic virtues. Copper bracelets have long been used in many ancient civilizations. These jewellery items are becoming increasingly popular because of their pain-relieving…

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Choosing gold jewellery: what are thousandths and carats? Choosing a gold jewellery : the thousandths and the carats

Gold is considered to be one of the most prized precious metals in jewellery, thanks to its many characteristics. Indeed, this metal is easily malleable and supple, which makes it possible to create fine and well crafted jewellery just the…

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