A sweater will keep you warm in colder seasons and still help you maintain a stylish and trendy look daily. You can never go wrong with topping up your outfit with a sweater that crowns the whole outlook. By adding on a blue sweater, you can brighten your dull outfit to look fresh and fashionable. Sweaters, however, vary in weights and designs. The heavy ones are suitable for freezing temperatures; on the other hand, lighter ones are better for warmer seasons. Whether wrapped, draped, or swung around the body, sweaters come in different types, cardigans, pullovers, tunics, and polo necks.

Sweater Types

Cardigans named by James Brudenell are open sweater types that can be buttoned down or wrapped up. There's the button-front cardigan, open cardigans, and shawl collar. The button-front has buttons upfront and can be coupled with a fitting t-shirt or top. Open cardigans may have a wrap-up design like a bathrobe or just be open to give out a laid-back type of look. For shawl collar cardigans, they may be either button-front and open cardigans. The shawl collar is distinguished by its warmer design featuring a thick folded neck to give warmth.
Pullovers are a broader category because they are characterized by lacking buttons or an open look. The main idea of pullovers is that they are pulled over the head hence their name. This, however, discludes tunic and polo neck which have their distinct features. For pullovers, you may have either crew neck or v-neck pullovers.
As similar as they are to pullovers, they can feature a v-neck or mock neck. A tunic is mainly worn as a shirt than a sweater. Tunics have a different look from other sweater types because of their shape and design. Tunics are not only loosely cut, but they also hang just a little lower than other sweater types.
Also called a roll-neck or a turtle neck, polo necks are best suited for cold temperatures. This is because of their high rollover or fold-down neck that is its main characteristic. Mock neck and polo neck may be similar, but they aren't the same.

Sweater weather and what to wear

Sweater weather basically is the time of year when we need to keep ourselves warm from the harsh cold conditions. This is during the transition from winter to spring. At this time of year, we pull out our favourite and warmest sweater. This can be a woollen, cashmere, or merino sweater or a cotton cardigan sweater or pullover.
If you are going out on a date or an official meeting, a cashmere cardigan is the best. You will look elegant and still be warm in this luxurious material sweater. If you are out fishing in the cold, you might want to consider a warm merino pullover. For a cotton sweater, you can wear it both in cold conditions or even during the summer and have the breeze reach your body.

Sweater types and the summer

A sweater will not only be worn in cold times but also during summer for a formidable look. Lighter ones, to be specific, say, a cotton sweater, will keep you cool as they ensure the breeze hits you. Brighter sweater colours are best for summer outfits because dark ones will absorb the heat, making you feel warmer instead of providing a cooling effect. For example, a silver cardigan sweater will get you covered for the summer's heat.