The opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer. The stunning Opal- stone has a reputation as a gem and has an eminent history. The Greek name of opal- is ‘Opallios’ which means ‘to see a change of colour’ and that is precisely what happens as the gem gives off a rainbow iridescent effect. It’s an unpredictable stone, and the Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder said that of all the precious stones, the gem is the most difficult to describe.

It’s a beautiful semi-precious gemstone. Not all gems are minerals but the opal- is. It’s a naturally occurring substance with a crystalline structure.

Natural stones like this are known for its healing properties. It is a gem of charm and wealth and it represents the planet Venus. You could say that its mysterious properties make it that people are simply mesmerized by the stone’s brilliant property of scattering light of every colour.

Forming over millions of years

As the birthstone of those who have their birthday in October, the silica stone forms over millions of years. Tiny spheres of silica begin to collect, hardening to become a gemstone. Silica is made up of tiny spheres that stick to one another.

When they fuse, tiny gaps are created, allowing the light to diffract. It is this diffraction that results in all the different shapes and colour combinations. The colourful shimmer from the gem comes from light bouncing off the silica.

Such an interesting and fascinating stone is amorphous. This means that the stone doesn’t have a defined crystalline structure. It’s a stone that takes on many shapes and colours and this is what makes it such an unpredictable and fascinating gemstone.

About 95% of the world’s opals come from Australia. In fact, the Olympic Australia is the biggest stone ever discovered. It is also the most precious and is worth more than 2 500 000 dollars. It was given its name because of the Olympic Games that took place in Melbourne. It was preserved as a raw stone.

These precious natural stones can contain up to 10% water, and they’re often found in desert areas where water is scarce. Together with its prismatic quality, you can begin to see why the meaning of the stone is linked to storms, raindrops ad tears.

It stimulates originality and also helps to release anger and bring about calmness. In fact, it is the red gem that diffuses anger and clears the mind of chaotic thinking. It is believed that the Fire of the Queen is the most famous opal-stone in the world.

There are two types – precious and common

• Common are easier to classify, being found in many hues and levels of opacity, but they’re not as flashy as the precious variety. The stone doesn’t have its own light but reflects back the light that falls on it. Lights play off the water naturally contained within the gem so that you see glints of green, blue, or red.

• It’s the precious variety that has what is known as a play of colour. This describes the multi-dimensional colour display of the precious stone The precious type has two colours – background colour and their play of colour. The stones can be green, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, purple or black, with black being considered one of the rarest gemstones.

The stone’s litho therapeutic properties

What about the healing properties of the gem? Does the stone have litho therapeutic properties? What is this litho therapy? It’s an energy therapy made with crystals. It is the positive energy that the stones give off that work on the health as well as the sheer joy of just being alive.

Litho therapy makes use of crystals to work with energies and chakras. The gemstone has litho therapeutic properties – a healing technique. There are quite a few ways in which gems like this can be used in treatments, jewellery, elixirs, laying on of stones, and others.

Most people choose to wear their gems as natural stone jewellery as a ring, in a bracelet, a necklace or earrings. Others like to have raw stones placed in their room. The influence of the stone does change according to its size. In terms of healing, the bigger the gemstone, the bigger the vibrations and the more healing powers it has.

It brings about deep relaxation, calming the mind and encouraging a sense of balance and harmony. Certain gem stones are used to not only offer physical benefits for the body, but mental benefits too.

Litho therapy harmonizes, and also revitalises the body, removing and treating all those tensions of living in the 21st century. It also deals with emotional blockages and negative energies which have accumulated in the body. These negative energies are what cause disease and drain us of energy and our love for life.

We as humans are made of energy and the thoughts and feelings that we have are also a type of energy so it is important that we maintain a balance in our energy field and this is important for good health. If there is a bit of an imbalance or there is an aura, it can actually bring about chemical changes in various organs.

These changes which are brought about by negative thoughts can cause problems with the functioning of our internal systems and this is what can bring about a host of different diseases.

It is amazing to know that precious stones have power when it comes to healing. Not only that, but they are so ‘human’ that they can actually have a say in our interactions with others and the way we concentrate. When you start delving into lithotherapy, you begin to discover which stones are the best for the healing properties.

These precious stones work according to the vibrations and each stone has its own healing powers. That is why you want to choose your stone carefully and get to know its powers. All these gems are looked upon as stones that attract luck. These stones are very sensitive to the vibrations of the wearer and will project those vibrations. It is precisely what makes the opal- such an awesome stone.

The different stones and their effects

Opals placed in your environment also enhance the area. How does the opal- stonework? Opal’s water content dissipates energy blockages related to loss and also restores the flow of energy. Each variety has its own effects –

▪ Common – this particular stone vibrates at a softer intensity than the fire-like varieties and it has a calming effect on the body. People who are overly sensitive benefit from this opal-.

▪ Boulder – this stone forms in Australia on ironstone boulders. The boulders vary in size. The stone is often cut with the ironstone left on the back. Leaving the ironstone on the back means that the boulder stone can be dark.

▪ Fire – this is a term commonly used with Americans, although the main type of opal- is Mexican Fire Opal-, mined in Mexico. The opal- has a recognizable orange colouring and is actually used to describe any Australian opals with quite a bit of red colouring.

▪ Ethiopian – this opal- is for the treatment of nervous system disorders and even depression. The opal- works as a mirror, reflecting inner visions and stimulating dreams.

The choice of colour with the stone should not be overlooked either.

▪ White – often used for its positive vibrations and to balance the chakras, bringing joy and clarity. Improves sleep and good for gastric disorders.

▪ Black – to soothe anxiety. It is thought that the aurora australis is the most precious black opal-.

▪ Grey – strengthens the heart as well as the nervous and circulatory systems.

▪ Pink – brings relief for respiratory ailments.

▪ Turquoise – restores the skin and rebalances the hormonal system.

Opal– strengthens the will to live

In these chaotic times in which we are living, the opal- stone actually strengthens the will to live. It’s a useful stone in today’s world of infectious diseases and it treats infections and fevers, working to purify the kidneys. It is able to strengthen your immunity system and actually protect you from the common cold or flu.

This stone also has the ability to regulate insulin levels and can work on detoxifying and regenerating the liver. This stone has a regenerative effect, so after you’ve had an illness it’s an excellent stone to have, particularly is you’ve had a major procedure.

Why not invest in this fascinating mysterious stone. There are many dealers and if you buy online, make sure to buy yours from a certified seller so that your beautiful stone lives up to all the wonderful properties the stone is so well known for.