Jewellery is often a sign of love. Whether it is a bracelet, a necklace or a ring, this jewellery gives value to those who wear it. But they require good care to keep them looking their best at all times. Cleaning your mineral jewellery not only enhances its beauty, but also makes it durable. These gems can tarnish and lose their shine over time, so they need special care, but also precautions to avoid scratching them.

Precious stones are fragile

In spite of what one thinks with the hardness of precious stones, these gems remain fragile in the face of certain everyday products. Soap, for example, can cover them with dirt if they are not properly rinsed. A very intense light as in tanning salons can also tarnish some gemstones. Apart from products that can make it lose its shine, the physical efforts of daily life such as cleaning or garden maintenance could accidentally scratch it. As a precautionary measure, store them in the jewellery box before working or before washing your hands with soap.

Storing jewellery with care

When you are not wearing your jewellery adorned with gems, to wash your hands or to do household chores, the ideal would be to store them one by one in their cases. Be careful not to leave them lying around the sink, as accidental risks could happen at any time. If you think that the number of cases for each piece of jewellery becomes too large, it is advisable to wrap them with silk. Otherwise, a diamond ring, the hardest gem of all, could scratch the others.

Clean your mineral jewellery with easy-to-find products

To restore the brilliance of the gemstones, you will need a microfibre cloth and 90-degree alcohol. It can also be cleaned with soapy water mixed with ammonia (for one litre of water you will only need a spoonful of ammonia). The stones should be rubbed gently with these products so that it becomes very shiny. Avoid touching the stone with your fingers. Fingerprints may stick to the stone and tarnish it. Also make sure to plug the washbasin before maintenance to prevent it from accidentally falling into the pipes.