Lithotherapy is a treatment used to cure many ailments with the help of stones. This type of treatment is based on the fact that the stones consist of energy that harmonizes with the human body. Even if science cannot explain this method, the virtues of lithotherapy continue to grow and attract more and more adepts. Although this treatment is new to some people, it has been widely used for centuries. Please note that lithotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is a complement for any type of treatment.

The stones, which have been used since ancient times to treat

For years, Buddhists, Native Americans used the method of lithotherapy to heal themselves. It is in the Middle Ages that this method of care began to spread throughout the world. At that time, some people carried stones on them or used them in powder form for therapeutic purposes. The gems are used as a supplement with other medicinal methods, but are also used to relieve anxiety. At present, there are many specialist shops for the sale of medicinal stones. France minéraux for example is the French leader in health stones all over France.

How to use the stones for lithotherapy

It's easy to use. You can wear the gems as jewellery (ring, necklace, etc.) or take them in your bag when you go out. To relax at night and get some sleep, you can also put a health stone under your pillow. A fairly large stone can also be used as an interior decoration in the living room. For the followers of mediation, putting a crystal in the hands during the sessions also helps to develop your chakra and to concentrate. To get the most out of the positive energy of the gems, it is advisable to always maintain them. For this, it is possible to purify them with water or smoke. Note that not all types of stones can always withstand the same purification technique.

Choosing the right crystals

When choosing the ideal gem for you, it is advisable before buying to inquire about the quality of the stone and its provenance. Some sellers may sell you stones of poor quality. Also take the time to choose them carefully. Touch them if you have to. Each stone does not have the same function. If quartz, for example, soothes the heart, obsidian removes negative waves from the body.