Pearl Jewellery Guide

Buying a pearl necklace successfully: quality for pearls?

There are several methods for choosing good quality jewellery. In order to obtain a good-priced piece of jewellery, you must first of all know how to check the valuation criteria. In order to find good quality pearl jewellery, you must…

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What are the particularities of freshwater pearls?

Jewellery is used to enhance a person’s look. It is the art of doing a precious job. Since they are made from precious materials, they can be said to be signs of wealth, as they can evoke a person’s social…

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Wearing pearl jewellery: precautions for use and care of pearls

Because of their fragility and specificity, pearls must be cared for in a very special way. There are all sorts of ways to care for and maintain pearl jewellery. Pearls are special and are different in nature and origin, but…

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An incomparable chandelier: zoom on Tahitian pearls

Tahitian black pearls come from mother-of-pearl secretions from a rare species of oyster called the pinctada margaritifera, a species cultivated in the lagoons of Polynesia. The most beautiful Tahitian pearls are used to make pendants and rings, followed by necklaces…

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