Stone jewellery guide


Litho therapeutic properties of opal stone

The opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer. The stunning Opal- stone has a reputation as a gem and has an eminent history. The Greek name of opal- is ‘Opallios’ which means ‘to see a change of…

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Cleaning of stone and mineral jewellery: instructions for use

Jewellery is often a sign of love. Whether it is a bracelet, a necklace or a ring, this jewellery gives value to those who wear it. But they require good care to keep them looking their best at all times….

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What are the virtues of lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is a treatment used to cure many ailments with the help of stones. This type of treatment is based on the fact that the stones consist of energy that harmonizes with the human body. Even if science cannot explain…

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The virtues of the stone of predilection of the Chinese: Jade

Jade is a very hard stone, often used in jewellery and decoration. In the era of the new polished stone, during the Neolithic revolution, it was used by Europeans to make axes. As for the Chinese, they used it to…

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A closer look at the Moonstone: to promote the emergence of femininity

Moonstone is classified as a silicate and can be recognized by its pearly reflection that reflects silvery light. It is particularly known for its virtues on femininity. What is it and how to benefit from it? The origins of moonstone…

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