Moonstone is classified as a silicate and can be recognized by its pearly reflection that reflects silvery light. It is particularly known for its virtues on femininity. What is it and how to benefit from it?

The origins of moonstone

Moonstone, from its scientific name adular, comes from deposits found mainly in India and Sri Lanka but also in other parts of the world. It is a mineral with several varieties depending on its origin. Moonstone is most often transparent but can have white, yellow or even bluish fragments. The virtues of moonstone are numerous. In certain cultures, its structure and its iridescent reflection remind those of the star whose name it bears. This association with the Moon also gives it the link with femininity, softness and motherhood.

The virtues of moonstone on women

In lithotherapy, moonstone is famous for its benefits on the harmonization of the woman's endocrine system. Indeed, this mineral possesses virtues that regulate hormonal production. Moonstone is the ideal stone to live at best its femininity from adolescence to menopause. It can overcome hormonal disorders that can cause irregularities in the menstrual cycle, pain and growths that damage the female organs. It helps to minimize the undesirable effects of menopause. In mothers whose pregnancy is coming to term, it soothes the pain of contractions, facilitates the opening of the cervix and stimulates lactation. At the psychic level, moonstone produces an increase in libido and desire, an essential element of the couple for those concerned. It is a symbol of gentleness and patience, to relieve restless spirits. It also feeds the legendary sixth sense of women as well as creativity.

How to use it to benefit from its virtues

Moonstone is usually worn as a pendant combined with a silver or white gold chain to bring out its brilliance. The essential point is to choose a pure metal. It is also possible to wear it on the finger, the wrist or even the ankle. It is important to keep the jewellery on you to benefit from the virtues of moonstone. However, it is essential to keep in mind that moonstone must be handled with care to preserve its benefits. It is therefore forbidden to use abrasive products on the surface of the stone in order to avoid scratching and tarnishing it. It is also necessary to give it time to recharge in lunar energy so that it can release it during the day. In this case, plan one evening per week during which your jewellery is left under the light of the Moon, taking care to rinse it with fresh water after removing it.