Gold is considered to be one of the most prized precious metals in jewellery, thanks to its many characteristics. Indeed, this metal is easily malleable and supple, which makes it possible to create fine and well crafted jewellery just the way you like it. There are two units of measurement to describe the purity of solid gold in jewellery: the carat and the thousandth.


Being a soft metal, gold is associated with one or more materials to obtain more rigidity. The carat is a unit of measurement that determines the purity of an object made from a precious metal, such as gold or silver. This value is 0 if the precious metal is completely absent. In theory, 24 indicates the absolute presence of the alloy. However, the carats most commonly used in jewellery vary from 9 to 18. 18 carat and 14 carat gold have an ideal rigidity for jewellery. 9 carat gold is also appreciated, but can tarnish over time. As for 24-karat gold, it is rarely used. Being too soft, it deforms over time and is not strong enough to withstand a shock.


Like the carat, the thousandth is a unit of measurement for determining the purity of an object made from a precious metal. The thousandth was created so as not to confuse the carat with the weight of certain metals. The use of this unit has become more understandable to the consumer than the carat. Each carat value corresponds to a thousandth value and vice versa. Thus, 18 carats are equivalent to 750 thousandths, while 14 carats correspond to 585 thousandths. 375 thousandths are equivalent to 9 carats and 999 thousandths correspond to 24 carats.

Choosing gold jewellery

Choosing gold jewellery means choosing a jewel that does not tarnish or oxidize. Gold jewellery is unalterable and timeless. This metal is ideal if you want something durable. This is why gold remains an undeniable metal for making wedding rings. Therefore, the colour of gold jewellery depends on the type of alloy.  The same applies to the price. By combining gold with other metals, several colours can be obtained. The most common on the market are yellow, pink, white and blue. Now it is up to you to make your choice, taking into account this information and your personal taste.